Title. The big tiny coffee house.
Programmatic. Competition
Project year. 2018
Location. London, England
Architecture Design. Miltos Kalogeris & Matina Tsatsi
Software. Autocad,3ds Max, Corona renderer, Photoshop
Status. Complete

The Scandinavian countries have historically a strong coffee cultural background. Even if we compare the annual coffee consumption per capita of US and Italy combined, still the Scandinavian consumption is significantly more. Hence, Scandinavia is not a blank canvas on the global map of coffee consumption and they could engrave hegemonic ideas of how to structure a coffee consumption experience. The Big Tiny Coffee House Challenge, required a tiny space which is capable enough to serve quickly a tremendous demand of coffee. As a result, the Challenge was twofold. To create initially a simple design which can be smoothly integrated with the urban environment and easily transported to several northern European capitals. Functional in order to serve efficiently a high demand without compromising the quality of the product. Scandinavian shops and their customers are always exploring for something new and different in the marketplace. According to Grayson and Martinec (2004), this can be characterised as the “authentic market offering”, meaning a real and spatiotemporal link with something different. Indexicality thus differentiates “the real thing” from their copies. Therefore, this design proposal tends to introduce an iconic authentic tiny coffee shop which can be PLUGED – IN different Scandinavian capitals. The main architectural form was generated by drawing initially a line which intersects across the Scandinavian map. Then, the straight lines of the overall exterior design were inspired by the coffee leaf geometry, creating a unique landmark in different urban contexts.